Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcome to Stepford

Well, it has finally happened. Tom and I are officially in debt. We moved into our new house a couple of weeks ago. It's in a very nice neighborhod. We picked this house for it's enourmous addition in the back, big enough to hold Tom's airplane and turn it into a workshop. I am happy because we will be converting the living room into a library for all of my books. We also got a lot of inspiration from a furniture shop here to do a very retro 60's style decor. I could not believe that Tom of all people went for it.
What is bizarre to me is how I have turned into a Stepford Wife. When the neighborhood came over to introduce themselves (all within a span of 30 minutes, It was either the Hummer, or the new Geigbors) I made sure to run inside and write down all the pertinent information that came up in conversation.
Kiwi and I go for a walk every night, and I always run into someone and chat for a bit. It's such a safe and inviting environment.
No matter what people say, it is nice to feel like you fit in, even if you have to become a suburban housewife to do it...