Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Greatest Star of All

I am a firm believer in serendipity.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Glenn Close and Ewan MacGregor will star in the movie version of the musical of the movie Sunset Blvd.

A few days ago, I read a blog about the classic movie.

And tonight it is on tv. I think the spirit of Gloria Swanson is trying to tell me something...

I was a big fan of the movie, the first time I saw it, at the tender age of 18. Thanks to my dear friends Ron and Jim, who introduced me to the required cinema of the cultured gay. Soon after, I was pleased to hear about the musical being produced with my dear Patti LuPone in the title role. I haunted my record store for the cast recording, and memorized every word. It was wonderful.
Then the drama of the Normas. Patti was out, replaced by Glenn Close-But-No-Cigar. I was beside myself as only a show-mo could be. I did get the Close cast recording just in case I was being judgmental, however, her Carol Burnett dialogue delivery and less than stellar vocals reaffirmed my decision not to see it until she left the show.
Enter Betty Buckley. I loved her Norma. Plus, I was 4 rows from the stage, it was a magical.

Watching the movie again, I realized no one could do Norma justice. Gloria Swanson makes Norma larger than life, in ways that no other actress could. Sure you sing along to Patti or Betty, but Gloria owns that role, you firmly believe she is Norma. From her eyes, to the tiniest of hand gestures, she is The Greatest Star Of All...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Slice Of Urban Life in a Non Urban World

I love big cites. I love the hustle and bustle, the unending possibilities, the adventure. Everytime I have every taken a trip to San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York, I feel so at home.
But I don't live in a big city, although Amarillo is a step up. So I find little urban things to do in my decidedly non-urban environment.
Like sitting at a Starbucks on a Saturday morning, drinking my vanilla latte, eating my coffee cake and blogging while I people watch.
It's really the people watching that brings me back to rural Texas. No one in a large urban environment would be wearing matching capri pants and flip flops in lime green with a head of hair so tall it makes Elsa Lanchester look like Pipi Longstocking. (Unless you are in New Jersey) Everytime I see the occassional metrosexual (I have issues with them, but that's another post), he is in the company of the hideously uneducated and unrefined girlfriend/wife and kids.
I do get the occasional celebrity sighting, not related to my job. Anyone who has followed the VH1 show 'Strip Search' knows about the guy from Pampa, TX. Pampa is only 30-45 minutes from here. I saw him in a grocery store the other day.
(hmmmmm....Starbucks does wonders for my blogger's block)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Restarting a blog... tough, after you've been out of commission for a while, especially when you find yourself writing all the time in your job. I can still crank out the book reviews, but when I sit in front of my notebook, I have no idea what to write. As some others have commented, there really is blogger's block, and I think I am suffering from it right now. Not something the everage reader wants to read, but I feel that I must write something, just to get back in the habit.
All is well on the set of TMSC right now. I have been busy buying books and hasseling publishers for free copies of stuff.
I actually have two books worth mentioning:

1. 'The Stewardess if Flying the Plane' will be available in late September, early October. This lavish coffee table book chronicles the cinema of the 70's with lots of photographs and interviews from film notables of the era. I asked for a copy just cause I liked the title and the cover (Karen Black on the radio, like you didn't already know)

And then there's...

2. Tequila...A photographic essay on the time honored tradtion of making the liquor in the town it is named after. Did you know that manly Mexicans strip naked to get in the vats and stomp around? Beautiful pictures...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Travelin' Man

Wow. Now I have Internet at my apt, so I don't have to hang out in Starbucks all night. Although, it was quite fun, sitting with my mocha frap, listening to Yahoo Launch Radio with all the other laptop posers.
I know I am going to regret this, but I filled out a form to make my laptop work compatible, so I can work from home if I need to. I know I will get taken advantage of, but I like the idea of working with the tv right here, and in my bathrobe. It's also very bad to be in the office 12 hours a day. So there. I will also be able to take it to trade shows with me. I am so excited, I'll be in Portland and Denver next month.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Season Two

Hello all! TMSS, is back from hiatus!!!
I have been surprised at the emails here and there from loyal readers wondering where I went. Of course, a lot of my time has been taken up with the new job, and the maintaining of a long distance relationship. I know some of you out there know what that is like. But mostly, I have been without internet access except at work. It does create a problem when your forum is web based.
However, fate has smiled upon me yet again and I am sitting here in Starbucks, posting via my new laptop. I feel very Carrie Bradshaw, except there is a table next to me doing a bible study in the most hideous getup this side of a rummage sale. The costume designer for Sex and the City would never permit that. I guess my supporting cast isn't as important. Hopefully, my budget for this season will increase and I can get better ambiant characters.
I am very upset that I am not 'The Gay One' at work. There are 2 other 'mo's in the department, both of whom do drag. Not that there is anything wrong with it. It's just that I was very used to being the 'Gay Guy' at work, without it bothering me. It was my schtick. Now I have to revamp my place in the office heiarchy. On the bright side, I am always Mr. Positive Attitude, so I try to keep everyone's spirits up and have now been dubbed 'The Morale Fairy.'
In the reading dept, I have come across some incredible literature. When it hits the shelves in September, I reccommend John Berendt's new novel, 'City of Fallen Angels.' It's a pretty good follow up to 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' considering it has been 10 years.
See you next episode!