Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Post Mortem

Well, Christmas is officially over. I had a great time. Since high school, I have always held jobs requiring me to work the day before and after holidays. It was great to have a few days, especially since my entire family was congregating in Winters, TX (Home of the Blizzards, I kid you not)
My mother, her brother and sister were together for the first time in over 10 years, and it showed. They were happy and laughing most of the time. Being the only grandson and first born, I was basking in the glow of my grandmother's praise. So I was all good.
One thing about my family is how passive aggressive we all are. Every story, every accomplishment is always met with something better, all said with a smile. It is the weirdest situation, everyone is smiling, but you can almost tase the jealousy in the air.
Also, spouses never quite measure up. My grandmother is a hybrid of Doris Roberts a la Everybody Loves Raymond (with myself as Ray) and Shirley MacLaine in Postcards from the Edge. It makes for interesting times. When I wasn't playing with my niece and nephew, I was huddled with my sister, poking fun at everyone else and trying not to laugh during meals.
My grandmother means more to any of us than she will ever know, but she's way too sensetive to be teased, so we wait until she goes to bed and then it's a free for all with the Grandmother Impersonations. It doesn't translate to print, nor would anyone get the key phrases, so I will spare you. Needless to say it is a riot.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Holidays

Before The Mitchum Sinclair Show goes on Christmas hiatus, I thought I would share a bit from the office Christmas party.

I love my coworkers, but we have a hard time committing to social events. Back in September we all talked about how great the office Halloween party was going to be and convinced Ryan to thow it at his house. Ryan went out of his way to decorate and supply the food and drink for the party.
The big night came and 5 of us showed up. Some of us were taken up by illness, some by emergency, but it was still upsetting.

This time around, Sylvia decided to throw a party at the very last minute. I mean, we got invited on Monday for a Wednesday night get together. This one went off great. Lots of people, food, and drink. I loved the frozen cosmos. I also cooked my mother's chicken enchilada casserole. Everyone brought something and it was all good.

We gathered around and played games fueled by the above mentioned cosmos, margaritas, wine and for some, tequila shots.

The best part was the White Elephant exchange, as we were told to bring the most horrible promotional item we were handed by a vendor. The winner was a roll of toilet paper covered with a glossy book cover. Really, what does that say about the hopes for your book?

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

John Spencer 1946-2005

John Spencer, who portrayed Leo McGarry on 'The West Wing' passed away early Saturday morning of a heart attack.
I could get on my high horse and talk about how great the West Wing is again and how sorely he will be missed, but other people have already done that, more eloquently than I could.
My heart goes out to Mr. Spencer's family and to the cast of the show. According to West Wing lore, they were all very close, even when not filming. I cannot express my condolances enough.

Leo and John were both incredible people who will be missed...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Very Gay Day

Just when I thought I couldn't get any gayer...

One of my publishers sent me the nicest Christmas Gift Ever: Hardback copies of all 13 L. Frank Baum Oz books.

A very nice girl in on the Video Team is sending me The Judy Garland Show boxed set, with every episode of the show.

It's The Most Wonderful Time To Be Queer!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Two posts in one day???!!!

I am sure Hell is freezing over. (Actually it is, it only got to 22 here today)

I have been home sick for the past two days, and I am getting cabin fever. But worse, I cannot get to sleep at a decent hour. I had decided to go back into the office tomorrow, so of course, I am sitting here wide awake at 2 am.

Why do these things happen?

This being sick has really put a damper on my Holiday Spirit.

(Yes, I said HOLIDAY. That is an inclusive word used to celebrate all winter holidays regardless of faith or lack thereof. Get over it Focus on the Family.)

Dysfuctional Family Films

With the Holidays upon us, there are countless movies everyone curls up to see.

My favorite is always The Lion in Winter.

It does take place over a Christmas holiday in 1183, with King Henry II, his estranged and imprisoned wife Eleanor, and their 3 sons, as they scheme and plot over Henry's successor. This is dysfunction at it's finest. It always makes me feel much better about my family.

Katherine Hepburn turns in one of her finest performances, and ties with Barbra for the Oscar. This was filmed right after the death of Spencer Tracy, and you can see it in every scene she is in, which magnifies Eleanor in ways unimaginable.

One of the best scenes in the film is when Eleanor sends Richard to negotiate with Phillip of France (A young and hot Timothy Dalton in his film debut). As the scene unravels, you find out of the love affair between the two. Richard (Anthony Hopkins) is still very much in love with Phillip, and you can see the pain in his face as he discloses this, all while his brothers are hiding behind curtains. Henry barges in and Phillip uses Richard and his love against the King. It is heartbreaking.

This was remade in 2003 for Showtime with Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close But No Cigar. I refuse to watch it.

Incidentally, Katherine Hepburn was descended from Eleanor of Aquitaine on both sides...