Sunday, July 03, 2005

Forget Steve McQueen

My new matinee idol crush is Tab Hunter, circa 1950.

I was sent an ARC of his autobiography and it is great. Tab discusses his life with great candor. No stone is left unturned as he recounts his beginnings as the son of a single mother who becomes one of America's favorite leading men.
He delves into his sexuality without giving it a smarmy feeling. We know who and sometimes where, but not the how's.
The most interesting part of the book is the background on Hollywood. He spends a lot of time on the set, reminiscing about the movies he made and the people involved. From Sophia Loren to his stunt double Jack Conner, it's all there.
Plus, there are dozens of pictures throughout, mostly of Tab with a swimsuit on.

In other news,

Before I left on the long holiday weekend, I was asked by our ad department to do a voice over for a TV commercial. It was a 30 second spot, and they had 25 seconds of copy with 4 alternate tag lines at the end. I was wisked to a recording studio and spent the next hour giving every reading imaginable to 20 seconds of video rental information. It was actually quite fun, especially when I pulled out my star attitude with: I am rewriting this line so it will flow better...

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potusol said...

Tab Hunter was dreamy. The studios used to send him and other actors like Anthony Perkins on fake dates so people wouldn't think they were homos. I'm sure they all laughed about this at Rock Hudson's pool parties.

: )