Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Holidays

Before The Mitchum Sinclair Show goes on Christmas hiatus, I thought I would share a bit from the office Christmas party.

I love my coworkers, but we have a hard time committing to social events. Back in September we all talked about how great the office Halloween party was going to be and convinced Ryan to thow it at his house. Ryan went out of his way to decorate and supply the food and drink for the party.
The big night came and 5 of us showed up. Some of us were taken up by illness, some by emergency, but it was still upsetting.

This time around, Sylvia decided to throw a party at the very last minute. I mean, we got invited on Monday for a Wednesday night get together. This one went off great. Lots of people, food, and drink. I loved the frozen cosmos. I also cooked my mother's chicken enchilada casserole. Everyone brought something and it was all good.

We gathered around and played games fueled by the above mentioned cosmos, margaritas, wine and for some, tequila shots.

The best part was the White Elephant exchange, as we were told to bring the most horrible promotional item we were handed by a vendor. The winner was a roll of toilet paper covered with a glossy book cover. Really, what does that say about the hopes for your book?

Happy Holidays!

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