Thursday, May 25, 2006

Diana and Drusilla

My sisters and I are very close, very close. Every childhood memory I have involves at least one of them. Sarah and I are almost the same age, although she would want me to let you know I am older. A lot of our time was spent together, playing at the house on Missouri street. It is funny, we moved around quite a bit as children, but Sarah and I always refer to this house as the one we lived in while growing up.
I was always just a tad bossy and hated having a tag along sister, so I would make her play the sidekicks or bad guys or leave us alone altogether. This made for some interesting confrontations with her...and my parents...and my grandparents. I actually was a very mean brother. However, I remember us having a lot of fun together. Maybe my brand of fun was not for everyone, but hey, we were together. We had such vivid imaginations, and loved to create things. Neither one of us is especially good at art, but we would color and paint and arrange like mad. I am surprised I am not an interior designer. Costumes were the greatest. Putting on plays and dressing up for people. I am surprised neither of us is a hooker.
So this is for Sarah, thanks for always being my Wonder Girl, even today...

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Sarah said...

I love you bubba. Thanks