Monday, November 28, 2005

Upson Downs

I have been so lax in writing lately, not just here, but my book reviews as well, just as my reviews have been picked up by Amarillo Style. Not to make excuses, but it's a trueism that when you start having to write (or read, or whatever you do for pleasure) for work, it becomes harder to do. I have a stack of books to review, and the stack keeps growing. I stare at them, but make feeble excuses why I can't write today.
So now I have subjected myself to 6 episodes of Sex and the City, made myself a Cosmo and put on my favorite Christmas CD and I am now sitting down to write.
I have challenged myself to knock out three reviews tonight. But first I figured I needed to blog, just to keep everyone updated (and to get my chops back in shape).
Speaking of in shape, I now have the ultimate motivation for getting to the gym. When I interviewed for this job, Tom and I went shopping for a new outfit for my interview. I got a new pair of slacks, and so did Tom. After 6 months at a desk job, I can't wear my slacks on account of the growing bulge around my waist. Last time I went home, Tom could not put his slacks on because HE LOST TOO MUCH WEIGHT.


On a lighter note, my last couple of Publisher Meetings have been incredible. I met with the men who produce and distribute Colt Magazine. WOW. I got lots of goodies, and they were the NICEST guys ever.
I also met with DC Comics. Many of you know how much I adore a certain amazon with incredible accessories. I really fo adore my job, which I have to remind myself sometimes, cause it's very lonely without Tom here.

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potusol said...

Consider this "winter" weight and don't worry about it. Just lay off the eggnog and limit your whiskey consumption to one bottle a week.