Friday, August 26, 2005

Restarting a blog... tough, after you've been out of commission for a while, especially when you find yourself writing all the time in your job. I can still crank out the book reviews, but when I sit in front of my notebook, I have no idea what to write. As some others have commented, there really is blogger's block, and I think I am suffering from it right now. Not something the everage reader wants to read, but I feel that I must write something, just to get back in the habit.
All is well on the set of TMSC right now. I have been busy buying books and hasseling publishers for free copies of stuff.
I actually have two books worth mentioning:

1. 'The Stewardess if Flying the Plane' will be available in late September, early October. This lavish coffee table book chronicles the cinema of the 70's with lots of photographs and interviews from film notables of the era. I asked for a copy just cause I liked the title and the cover (Karen Black on the radio, like you didn't already know)

And then there's...

2. Tequila...A photographic essay on the time honored tradtion of making the liquor in the town it is named after. Did you know that manly Mexicans strip naked to get in the vats and stomp around? Beautiful pictures...

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