Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Slice Of Urban Life in a Non Urban World

I love big cites. I love the hustle and bustle, the unending possibilities, the adventure. Everytime I have every taken a trip to San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York, I feel so at home.
But I don't live in a big city, although Amarillo is a step up. So I find little urban things to do in my decidedly non-urban environment.
Like sitting at a Starbucks on a Saturday morning, drinking my vanilla latte, eating my coffee cake and blogging while I people watch.
It's really the people watching that brings me back to rural Texas. No one in a large urban environment would be wearing matching capri pants and flip flops in lime green with a head of hair so tall it makes Elsa Lanchester look like Pipi Longstocking. (Unless you are in New Jersey) Everytime I see the occassional metrosexual (I have issues with them, but that's another post), he is in the company of the hideously uneducated and unrefined girlfriend/wife and kids.
I do get the occasional celebrity sighting, not related to my job. Anyone who has followed the VH1 show 'Strip Search' knows about the guy from Pampa, TX. Pampa is only 30-45 minutes from here. I saw him in a grocery store the other day.
(hmmmmm....Starbucks does wonders for my blogger's block)

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