Monday, June 13, 2005

Buy the Book

Well Happy Campers, I started my new job today. I love it!

The first day was a little hectic as first days usually are. I sat in on several meetings and even had some input right from the get go. The various catagories I buy for are for the most unremarkable: cooking, westerns, ect. However, I am also responsible for co-ordinating Author Events at a regional level. This means I assist stores with specific author signings and mini-book tours. There is someone else who manages national tours, but I am snapping at his heels.

My apartment is nice, with the exception of Tom not being around. These first few days have been hard, but we talk constantly, and I am so busy with training, I don't have time to be sad.

I missed the BEA conference, but one of the buyers was nice enough to bring me back a copy of Gregory Maguire's new book. I am surprised I am writing this, instead of reading it already.



Ant said...

Hmmm. I'm trying to think up creative suggestions on how you can fit Stevie Nicks and Wonder Woman into promotions for Westerns and Cook books....

The Gunny's Wife said...

Good for you! I am so glad your first day went well. Keep it up and before you know it, you will own the place!

PJS said...

I tried to call you this morning, but your stupid cell phone doesn't even have your name or voice on the voicemail. What's up with that?

Since I can't reach you, why don't you tell your embarrassing 2nd day of work story on here?