Sunday, June 19, 2005

You can't get to heaven on a dinosaur

So I saw 'Batman Begins.' It was pretty good and had an incredible twist at the end. Katie Holmes was pretty bad, and she had nothing to do, except utter my runner up post title, 'You could die, can you at least tell me your name?'

No my dear readers, my title came from a van load of Vacation Bible School kids who were next to me in traffic singing this anti-evolution song, 'You can't get to heaven on a dinosaur.' It made me weep.

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PJS said...

I loved Batman Begins, LOVED it. Maybe a little long, but very fulfilling and entertaining and sufficiently dark. And I loved the way they set it right up for a sequel. Not sure what you meant by a surprise ending though. And I didn't think little Katie Holmes-Cruise was all that bad.