Monday, January 09, 2006

Gay Church

I have joined the Gay Church, or as most people call it, The Gym.

I joined on Saturday, but my first workout session with my trainer isn't until Wednesday, so I figured I could walk on the treadmill for the time know, get my heart rate up and all that. So for the past three days I have donned my cute outfit, plugged in my MP3 player and done a brisk walk at a slight incline.
What I failed to realize was that the Gay Gene would kick in and I would start strutting in time to the new Madonna CD and wrap things up with the live version of the classic Nicks hit 'Standback' the Mother of All Treadmill Songs. I am sure the other patrons think I am doing a bad Naomi Campbell runway walk, but I tell you, it does get my heart racing.
I have also learned to keep my hands gripping the sides of the treadmill, lest I start gesturing like Lady Bunny after a few too many.
The gym is open very late, so I can go in at 8 or so, when it's not so crowded...I bet if I got in even later, I could actually sing along and no one would be there to notice!!


potusol said...

Someone will ALWAYS notice : )

Ant said...

I like to go on off times also. If I go when its busy the other folks in the treadmill section get hasseled when I'm setting up the backlighting and wind machine.