Thursday, January 05, 2006

The night the Trojans failed

One of the drawbacks of being a Regional Book Buyer is the need to have some awareness of what's going on in Sports. I HATE sports. Yes, I know that is a stereotype, but it's true. Now, movies featuring scantily clad jocks, I am all over, but actual sports, nah.
So it was a mild surprise when I realized I had a professional stake in The Rose Bowl. You see, if The University of Texas won, I would be spending half my day buying 'instant' books on their win and sending them to our stores in Texas. Well, that was just too much work for me to handle. I had better things to do with my time, such as pester authors to do book signings and gossip.
Well, the USC Trojans put up a good fight, but were creamed by the Longhorns. Which was doubly upsetting when it dawned on me that the USC marching band figured prominently in the Fleetwood Mac video for 'Tusk.'

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