Thursday, March 31, 2005

Deathwatch Day II

The worst thing about being sick at home, is when you have watched every movie, read every book, and there is nothing to do but lay down in bed and feel miserable.
One of my good friends just blogged about 'Auntie Mame.' Now I want to watch it, and of course, my copy is loaned out.
When I was but a wee little queen, at the tender age of 18, I went to my first Pride celebration in LA. I was invited there by my friends Ron and Jim. They spent the whole week instructing me in Homo 101. When Jim was around, he wuld take me to various LA locales and explain historical significance to me. We saw Marylin Monroe's grave, as well as Truman Capote's. Jim was rather impressed that I got hit on in a cemetary. I was too stupid to realize what had happened until later.
When Ron had to go to work, he would leave me with movies to watch. The first and most important was 'Auntie Mame.' I saw many Bette Davis movies that week as well, but Rosalind Russell captured my heart.
Since that time, I have always felt a responsibility to carry on the traditions of Homo 101. So anytime I hear of someone who has not seen it, I loan it out. Today makes a case for having two copies, so I always have one on hand for emergencies.

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