Friday, September 09, 2005

Are you hip enough?

Well, we are in the middle of the day here, and I thought I would catch you up on my morning. The show went well. We made contact with many publishers. Most of them were eager to get our business. Everyone was giving away lots of books. I kept filling bag after bag, until it hit me that I would have to get them home somehow. I decided to ship them to myself or buy another suitcase, and kept grabbing the freebies. As we walked the floor, I kept noticing this very handsome, shaggy haired boy, who looked so out of place amongst us bibliophiles. About an hour later, Cody looked at me and asked if I wanted his book, I looked around, and there was Mr. Shaggy, signing books at the author table. Not wanting to run into the cellophane syndrome again, I sent Cody to talk to a publisher while I stood in line.
With his window cleaner blue eyes, he asked a few innocuous questions as he signed my book. I shrewdly gave his publicist my card and explained that I could get him booked on a tour through our Northwest stores. He smiled and I walked away.
Back to grabbing freebies, I met a publisher specializing in books on classic cinema and gay issues. I swear he was Bruce Vilanch's brother. I talked to him a bit and he offered just one of his multiple titles to me, until the conversation got around to the fact that I bought for 152 stores. I now have his entire library of titles. He also asked me to dinner. These are the guys I attract.
Breaking for lunch, Cody and I went to Doug Fir's. If you are ever in the Portland area, go. It is incredibly hip and oh so gay. The style is very retro and the waiters are fabulous.
I have a few hours to rest before the author dinner tonight. More to come...

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