Sunday, September 11, 2005

Things that happen to you in Portland

I must tell you about the author dinner. It was great fun. It was like speed dating for the literary set. Each author would stop by your table for 20 minutes, then a bell would ring and you would get another author. Some of the authors were not that impressive, but we did meet HW Brands, author of Lone Star Nation, and the very handsome and affable Michael Collins. He's Irish, and has the sexiest voice. Got my picture with him and got his email, under the guise of getting him booked for a tour (which of course I would love to do, so I could be his chaperone).
Cody and I went for drinks after the dinner, and found this really cool place, that was comfortable for both of us. Club Aura had a velvet rope and a guy with a clipboard, so I knew this was a place I would love, it also had very pretty women, so Cody was happy also. Very modern and chic. They also make great cosmos. I was soo pretentious, but I was an out of towner, so it's allowed.

I have begun to notice a few things about the Northwest. Once you are here a few days, rules and observations make themselves known:
1. You listen exclusively to Alternative music, and you like it. Portland has a great alternative station we listen to in the car. I have not listened to Stevie or a cast album since I got here. (although I did buy two vinyl Nicks' albums at a record store)
2. You begin to realize how detrimental Metrosexuality is. Everyone in Portland looks gay. If you cruise a guy, his girlfriend is likely to throw daggers your way. Lesbians are another story. Although short hair seems to be the norm, they are way prettier than the cowgirls we have in Texas.
3. They are very fond of the one way street and the buses only, no turns of any kind on any major road. It makes navigation tough. I let Cody do most of the driving for this reason.

The greatest thing happened at the end of the day yesterday. The Lion King opened Friday for a two month engagement. Last night I decided to try and go. I didn't have my heart set on it, so if I couldn't get a good ticket, I would just go to dinner. I drove down to the venue with 15 minutes to spare and ended up dead center 4th row.
It was incredible. I know many theatre snobs tend to dis the presence of Disney on the Great White Way, but the staging was so imaginative. I cried like a little girl during Circle of Life.

This is it from Portland, I have a plane to catch. See you again from the Lone Star State!

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