Friday, September 23, 2005

Writing the blues

Most great writers and songwriters turn to writing as a source of comfort when they are sad or going through great tragedy. It's how so much of our great art has been created.
I, on the other hand, never feel the urge to write when I am down or upset.
That, my dears, is why you have not seen a post in two weeks.
I am doing well, I just have so much going on, I get stressed and don't want to do anything, least of all write.
Today, I am forcing myself to in the hopes it will bring me some comfort and distraction from everything else.
And with that sentence, I have no where else to go. Everytime I hit a period, I stop and stare at the screen, not knowing what to write next.
I guess I could talk a bit about the Rita, since I am in Texas. Houston is so far away, I might as well be in another state. Not that it doesn't affect me, it does. I just don't see the immediate effects like people in South Texas are right now.
That was quick. Now I am stumped again.
We'll try again later.
(Obviously, the won't be on one of those retrospective clip episodes)

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