Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lost innocence

I got home today to a lot of laundry sitting on the sofa, dishes in the sink, and general unruliness in my apartment. Not having any pressing engagements, I put on Madonna's Drowned World DVD and began to clean.
The background music was very helpful and I got a lot accomplised in a very short time. When I sat down, I remembered the last time I had seen it.
HBO had aired it in it's entirity live. I had decided to make an evening out of it. I called up Keith and David, and Karen and Nicole. We made appitizers and sat around reveling in the majesty and genius of Madonna. I was disappointed that her Evita number was reduced to an instrumental of 'Argentina,' but it was an incredible night: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Entertainment.

It was the last week of August 2001. It seems like a different world, and it was. There were no color coded alerts, no taking your shoes off at the airports, Karen and Nicole were together and there was no sign of the cancer that would claim Nicole.

I am not usually one for such morose thoughts, but as I watch the devestation Katrina has wrought and the general lawlessness that has pervaded the aftermath, I yearn for those simpler days.
Of course those days weren't simple, they just seem that way, clouded by the distance only the past can provide...

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