Friday, September 09, 2005

Mr. Cellophane

Greetings one and all. I write to you today from Portland, OR, where TMSS is on location for the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Association trade show!
I am joined this weekend by my fellow Book Buyer Cody. Cody is a great guy who has been helping me chart the waters of Regional Books. It does help that he is nice looking in addition to his natural ability to put people at ease. He has been married for 2 or 3 years, I think.
Unfortunately, we discovered a downside to traveling together. On the flight from Amarillo to Las Vegas, we had two (That's TWO) pretty hispanic gay flight attendants. They were so busy cruising Cody, I couldn't get the time of day. So, poor Cody gets tagged for a 'mo and I get ignored. It could be a long weekend.
After getting to Portland, we drove around and found our convention center, which was a minor miracle considering the map that was provided to us.
Today is an incredibly busy day for us. We have to hit every University Press we can, and there are many. Cody will be leaving tomorrow morning, so we have to get all the work done today, but that should leave me Saturday to explore the city.
More from Portland later...

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