Monday, September 26, 2005

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Happy coincidences will bring the coolest shit your way.

I was at my friend Brent's house Saturday night, and he played me a bit of a show he had TiVo'd a week ago, wanting to know what I thought of a specific musical number. All of the show was incredible, and what was killed me is that it aired on Bravo and I had never seen it.

It was The Dan Band: I am Woman. This is a concert by Dan Finnerty and two male backup singers. They sing nothing but songs by strong women, changing none of the pronouns. This guy is so totally straight, it works. It is very funny, as they do crazy choreography and medleys no one would ever think of.

Sunday, I went out and found the live cd.

It opens with 'Free Your Mind/I Am Woman', and you know you are in for a ride. He does not really play for laughs, which makes it funny, but also underlines the fact he is paying tribute to women.

The journey goes into an ABBA medley, a Christina/Britney/TLC medley, and on and on. You find yourself wanting to dance and sing along. He has fun up on the stage, and it translates well to the songs and performance.
Midway through the show, he begins 'Call Tyrone' which is funny, but it segues into 'No More Drama' which gets powerful and serious. If he did it on accident, it was incredible, if he did it on purpose, it was brilliant. The man has a set of pipes on him. It is what makes him more than a novelty act.

I took the cd into the office today to show Brent. By the end of the day, everyone wanted to borrow it and it was all anyone could talk about. That in itself says alot.

Check him out!

The Dan Band

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potusol said...

I had to giggle a little about the title of your post. It seems a certain someone we both know has developed a taste for pop/hip-hop music. Just imagine him singing that song, try not to spit anything out.

; )