Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Comedy of Errors

I'm back, and soooo excited. It was an incredible trip and I learned some incredible stuff. I made a good friend and a lot enemies. That is how you do the Business Trip.

It started out ok. The Book Manager from Midland and I flew out together. Now, anyone who's been on a business trip know that they like to have everything planned out to the minute, where you stay, what transport you have. So in my man-purse, I had out itinerary, and all the various memos generated in the weeks leading up to this. We got to Dallas Love Field, deplaned and I checked Memo #2: Transportation from the airport. It specifically stated that we were forbidden to take a taxi to the hotel. A shuttle would take us from the airport. As we went down the concourse, I called Tom to let him know I got there ok. We got to the shuttle area, and were told that our hotel only provides service from DFW. Everyone else in the conference was flying into DFW anyway. So there we are, unsure what to do. We said 'Fuck It' and got into a cab. I figured we needed to get to the hotel ASAP, there was a baseball game I was dying to not go to. Unbeknownst to us, someone at the hotel figured out the snafu and sent us a car. The car got there and we were gone. Panic ensued. My boss, his boss and his boss called the airline to see if we had made it. Our names were not on the manifest (a chilling security breach). So they call our homes. Tom is still at work so he misses the call. The other Book Manager's husband freaks out and starts calling the FFA, the Dallas Police, ect.
My traveling companion and I reach the hotel and are told that everyone has already left for the game. We decide to go eat next door. As we are drinking our chocolate martinis. her phone rings, it's her husband. I spend the next hour trying not to listen as she and her husband scream at each other. Our boss enters the Bennigans, feeling very bad that he screwed up, buys us another chocolate martini, hands us tickets to the game. It's all good for me, I don't get too mad too easily.
We get to the game in time for the seventh inning stretch. I am still not sure who won, as I didn't see any touchdowns, or any dribbling.

The conference itself was much better than our arrival. Not only did I learn a lot, but I had a lot to offer. I think it pissed off the more entrenched Book Managers, as they like doing things the old way. But the best part was the President of Book Operations. He searched me out at every break, and offered me a job in the home office on his team. It was so bittersweet. I would love to to it, but Tom can't pack in his business. And I can't go without Tom. But it was nice to know I was wanted...

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SquareSlant said...

It is sooooo nice to be wanted! Congrats on the job offer even though you are not taking it.

May I ask what is Tom's business - be a vague as you need to.