Thursday, April 14, 2005

A little help from the audience

Ok, the time for no comment on my blog is past. I have been contacted by my local paper to contribute to a new Sunday Book Page. First I have to submit some writing. I have been asked to submit some reviews I have written, along with a couple other pieces.
I thought I would submit a couple of pieces from this blog as well as my other blog. (It's still up, I just don't post there anymore.)
I would like some input from my readers. What pieces did you like the best? You can pick from this blog or my other one. It doesn't matter.

Oh yeah, I have to have this done by tomorrow afternoon.

(Me, a professional writer! I just might have to change my name to Carrie Bradshaw...)

PS: I changed the settings, anyone can comment now, you don't have to be registered.

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