Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh, my man...I love him so...

Well, things have been quite hectic here on the set of TMSS. After turning in my first few reviews, I had a lunch with my editor. She was quite impressed, I must say. My first review will run in tomorrow's edition. After that it will appear in the Sunday paper, every Sunday, space permitting. I even get a photo and a little by-line running every time I appear. She was so excited over how well this is going already, that she came up with a feature idea. I will be picking 6 books by local authors, and writing a brief description, review and a short interview with each author. This 'Local Writer Roundup' will run later this month. If it goes well, we will probably do it once or twice a year. She also encouraged me to save all of the clippings because she can put me in touch with magazines and other papers for freelance work after I have a little portfolio to show.

As exciting as that is, wait until you hear this:

Home Office has called and/or emailed once a day since I got back from Dallas. They are not taking 'no' for an answer. To get them to quit, I pulled out my tax return and Tom's from 2004 and told them X is what I have to make for Tom to want to close up shop and move to Amarillo. Surprisingly, the salary they came up with was closer than I thought.

Tom looked at me and said 'This is such a great opportunity for you, we should give it some thought.'

Now Tom is not what you would consider 'Romantic,' in the traditional sense. He's not big on flowers or little trinkets like that. Which is good for me, because I am not either. But just saying that was one of the most romantic things he has ever done.
So, in the next few weeks, we will be going to Amarillo. Tom will be job/house hunting, while I walk through home office and see what's up. It is still very possible that I will turn them down. At the end of the day, the money may not be enough, Tom may not find a job, anything can happen. But I am just excited by the possibility and my man, being so supportive.


SquareSlant said...

Kudos to Tom for being there for you! I have been in his position and it is not easy.

The Gunny's Wife said...

Good for you, and nice of Tom. It is not easy to pull up stakes and move. (been there, done that, many times!) I hope you both make the right decision. It should be fun though figuring it out!