Friday, April 15, 2005


So I am looking through everything I have on paper, and it all looks like crap. How is it that my writing looks good to me, unless I have to submit it?
The absolute worst thing is that I cannot find the book review I wrote for Wicked some years back. It was published in another paper, and I have always thought that it was a pretty decent review. (I know, it's not like I would actually be critical, but this is not the New York Times Book Review either.)
I have been thinking all night of what kind of a pitch to make. In a city this size, a book page should be used to showcase local talent. It wasn't until I got my present job that I realized how many local authors there are. Just by the law of averages, some have got to be good. And they are. Many have also expressed interest in reviewing other local talent. I mean, what better way to plug your book than to review another one? And you know the author who is on his third book will remember the agony of publishing your first work and be kinder to the author he is reviewing.
Do I sound confusing? I am in full panic mode right now...

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SquareSlant said...

Sorry - no help here! Picked Mom up at the airport - 3 hour drive to the house - working on 5 house of sleep! Can't think!

But I have no doubt - what you give them will be wonderful!