Sunday, April 10, 2005

Reformation Isle

After having read my comic book the other day, I have been anxious to read something else. But what? My snobiness would preclude so many books.
When I went back to work yesterday and began sifting through my inbox which had a week's worth of accumulation, I found 6 Reader's Copies of yet-to-be-published-material. For those who are not in the bookselling biz, getting a sneek peek at new books sounds exciting. However, most of these are from first time authors who's books are not up to snuff. ARC's (Advanced Reading Copies) are sent out to solicit good reviews. It's the law of averages, somebody is going to like it and the pulisher can use that review in marketing the book. See? I can get snobby about books that aren't even published yet.
I usually give these out to my staff, who love to get them and devour them. For some reason, I carefully looked over each and every one, and decided then and there that I would not be so picky, and I would take one home to read. I picked one called 'The Icon', to which I had the knee-jerk reaction that it was a 'Da Vinci Code' ripoff. It probably is, but that doesn't mean it can't be written well. So this week, I will read and update you on how it went.

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SquareSlant said...

I love how you say you are a snob when it comes to books!

I am the opposite - I will read anything. From U. Eco to J. Campbell. From Grisham to trash romance. I have a weakness for series - love to see what happens next.

I started going back through the classics - Count of Monte Cristo, Uncle Tom's Cabin, etc. Enjoyed some - think some need to be taken off the classics list!