Friday, April 22, 2005

Salute to the Men in Blue

I have a new favorite tv show, Rescue Warriors on the National Geographic Channel. It is a limited run series, following the 2004 class of trainees at Lackland Airforce Base as they try to become rescue paratroopers.
Now, I am not big on war movies, and I have never seen an episode of JAG, but My God, those boys are HOT!
These recruits are all between the ages of 18 and 26 at the most and are in top physical form. They deal mainly with 3 types of training: Indoor, Outdoor, and Water. I love the water excercises...they are in these tiny, tiny speedos and clingy grey tshirts. One of the excersizes involves wrestling with each other in the water. Sigh. I swoon.
The drama of the program is also very engaging (when I remember to turn the volume up). Every day at least one recruit is eliminated or quits. If they quit becuase of the strain, they must pick up a huge airhorn, fire it off, and announce in front of the entire class that they are quitting. It's heartbreaking. Out of a class of 60+, only 15 remain tonight.
Aside from the physical aspect, I have grown to have even more respect for our men in uniform...especially if that uniform is worn well.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: When they get in trouble with the CO, they have to lie down on their backs and do scissor exercises with their oh-so-beautiful legs in the air! Is it wrong that I root for them to screw up?

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ron said...

You poor thing. How could you turn up the volume, I mean, with no free hands and all!