Friday, April 08, 2005

A Muse-ing

If there is anyone out there reading, you may have noticed my posts have been very short and sweet. I have been very uninspired in the Writing Department lately. I have had no significant events to write about and nothing has really caught my eye. I have seen no movies I care to talk about, no 'Very Special Episodes' on TV, and most frightening of all, I have not had the desire to really read anything (With the exception of the novelization of Star Wars: Episode III, but that was just to get all the spoilers before the movie, I cheat like that). Perhaps I need a Muse; Olivia Newton John on rollerskates or something.
That was until I picked up this 80 page novella.
A Playboy billionaire and sometime adventurer (Think 003 filling in when 007 is on vacation) discovers someone siphoning money out of his company. He doesn't notice until he is almost bankrupt. All his friends think he has bankrupted himself and don't get involved, even after a few mysterious attacks. Our hero's life is torn apart bit by bit, until he is all alone and gets killed at the end by a former associate, the man responsible for his bankruptcy.
It doesn't sound like much when whittled away to the bare bones like that, and the plot is fairly predictable, but the writing was incredible, especially since it was a comic book.

Yes, you read that right, a comic book. Oh, the irony. The Book Nazi going on and on over a comic book. Many of you will scoff, but I tell you it was a delight to read.
In thhe past few years comics have gone from being for kids to being written much more for adults. I admit, the target demographic is usually straight males 18-25, but there are some very intelligent, well written titles out there. You can tell by the amount of established novelists and screenwriters who have taken to writing monthly titles. I challenge all of you to pick up one title and give it a shot, you won't be sorry.

BTW, the title I was talking about is 'Countdown to Infinite Crisis', it's only a buck. Well worth the read...


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