Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Snob is back...

50 pages into 'The Icon' and I don't really care. It is a Da Vinci Code knockoff, but with less interest and atrocious writing.
I feel that I must be seen reading a book at my Book Conference next week. My first thought was 'Wicked' but that's soooo predictable. If there is anyone out there that does not know how I feel about this book by now, they don't need to know. So I thought taking an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) would be good, but 'The Icon' is so bad. So today, I ran across 'The Bookseller of Kabul.' It is the story of a man who ran a bookshop in Afghanistan during the Soviet and Taliban occupations. He braved all kinds of trouble by bringing restricted materials to the masses.

Guess what I'll be reading.


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