Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, Boys and Girls...

I am now a working writer.

Beginning next week, I am submitting a book review every Friday for the Sunday Book Page, as well as a list of bestselling books from my store. In addition, I am encouraged to interview any authors who may have instore signing events, and phone interviews with local authors who have just published. Now, a book a week is actually ambitious, so I will be recruiting some local authors to review other local authors. This is so I can pad my backlog and have reviews to spare in cases of vacation, sick, ect.

To celebrate, Tom and I had a DINK day yesterday. For the uninitiated, DINK stands for Dual Income No Kids. We helped the economy to our disposable income; new shoes, new dvds, new Xbox game for Tom, new art for the living room, new bedsheets, new blankets. It was great. I knew the day was made when Fleetwood Mac was playing over the PA at Bed, Bath and Beyond (Thrown Down...for the curious).



Brian said...

Hey Randy, just wanted to say I'm thrilled that you got the job! I just know you're going to do a terrific job. {{{hugs}}}

SquareSlant said...

Hope Tom picked up the new Splinter Cell - it is great!

I laughed over Fleetwood Mac playing over the PA - I bet you were in heaven.